Adult Spiritual Formation

Our adult formation ministry is formed around three main components: The Way (3 focuses of the Christian life – faith, Bible and spiritual practices); ChristCare groups (a wide diversity of affinity groups); and SoulSprings (a variety of classes and special events). These are usually offered in 3 sessions throughout the year, fall, winter and spring.

If you have questions, please contact the church office at 425-778-2119

Transform 100 - The Role of Jesus in Christian Spirituality

Transform 100 - The Role of Jesus in Christian Spirituality

In this Transform foundational course, participants discuss the centrality of Jesus in Christian spirituality. Using the texts, Meeting Jesus Again for the First Time by Marcus Borg and A New Kind of Christianity by Brian McLaren, discussion will focus on “Who is Jesus?” and “What does it mean to make a Christian faith commitment in our modern context?” The class serves as an effective reintroduction to Christian faith for longtime church members and a helpful next step for newcomers.
Transform 101 - Disciple’s Path

Transform 101 - Disciple’s Path

This class offers an opportunity to explore your spiritual life, discuss spiritual practices, learn more about the church and what it means to become a member of EUMC. Materials are provided. Minimum enrollment of seven attendees are required for the class to run.
Transform 200 - Christian Spiritual Life and Discipline I & II

Transform 200 - Christian Spiritual Life and Discipline I & II

Utilizing the text Soul Feast by Marjorie Thompson, this core class is broken into two groups of sessions. Ideally participants of sessions register for both classes, but if a shorter committment is easier to make, you can take them in separate seasons. Participants will respond to the invitation to the Christian spiritual life through study and practice of key spiritual disciplines that have been a part of Christianity for centuries; spiritual reading, prayer, sabbath, fasting, self-examination, confession, and hospitality. The course is a survey of many practices that can be deepened in further level two coursework
Transform 202 - Wisdom Jesus Practice Group

Transform 202 - Wisdom Jesus Practice Group

Join us on Tuesdays in the Library for 20 minutes of centering prayer, 5-8 minutes of walking meditation, a session of lectio divina and then a second 20 minute session of centering prayer. We spend this time in silence to experience the presence of God within us. There is time at the end for a discussion of related videos we have watched on our own. If you are unsure of “how” to do it, we will provide instruction and written materials. Minimum enrollment of seven attendees are required for the class to run.

Book Studies

  • 601 - Men's Saturday Dawn Patrol

    We will continue our Bible/book study format with a great group of guys for lively discussions!

    • Meets: Saturdays at 7:30a.m., Library
    • Facilitator: Darryl Berg with shared leadership

  • 602 - Living the Questions

    We are a group of women who enjoy delving deeply into what it means to live as a person of faith in this ever-changing world. We have weekly lively discussions on our chosen topic and welcome new members! This season we will be reading the book, Give Them Money.

    • Meets: Mondays at 7:00p.m., Library
    • Co-Facilitators: Eva-Maria Barthel, Barbara McGuire

  • 603 - Renovare Group

    The Renovare Group (renovare means renewal) is an ongoing group. We gather weekly to dig into our basic and deeper questions on faith and discipleship. We are starting The Fruit of the Spirit, The Path That Leads to Loving as Jesus Loved, by Steve Langford. We are an ongoing group, and welcome you wherever we are in our study. Each week we pray for each other, sharing concerns and joys. Bring a sack lunch.

    • Meets: Mondays at 11:00 a.m., Library
    • Co-Facilitators: Beth Lanie

  • 604 - Sisters!

    Sisters! Is one of the original ChristCare groups at EUMC and still attended by many of the original members. The Group is always welcoming to new members and you are welcome to come visit before you decide to join. At this time we are just a few short chapters into Forgiveness, by Adam Hamilton. We take turns leading the study discussion while others share a reading of a special Devotion or a Scripture. And you can count on someone bringing the “Treat.” We always include a mission project (right now we are collecting socks for people in need). We will share your joys and concerns and prayer requests. And we will always know when you just need hug.

    • Meets: Mondays at 1:30p.m., Wesley Room
    • Co-Facilitators: Dana McMechen

  • 605 - Women's Bible Study

    The Women’s Bible Study is currently discussing the weekly scripture readings from the Revised Common Lectionary using The Upper Room Disciplines - A Book of Daily Devotions 2019. Purchase of the book is optional (visit AMAZON - cost = $13 or so), as the scripture selections, including pertinent questions and commentary, are available on-line. Volunteer leadership of this friendly circle of participants is welcomed and shared. From time-to-time the lectionary group study is suspended (although on-going individual scriptural devotions/analysis is encouraged) when guest ministers lead the group on a specific Biblical topic of interest to all. Please drop in and join us at any time.

    • Meets: Thursdays at 10:00a.m., Library

Community Building

  • 801 - Monday Men's Group

    The Monday Afternoon Men’s ChristCare Group is continuing its study of The Book of Joy: Lasting Happiness in a Changing World, by the Dalai Lama and Desmond Tutu. We are an ongoing group, but welcome new members. We meet from 4:00 to 5:30p.m. in Room 302 on Mondays. The group will be meeting through May 13 prior to our summer recess.

    • Meets: Mondays at 4:00p.m., Room 302
    • Facilitator: Bob Schroff

  • 803 - Quilting Group

    Do you quilt? Would you like to learn? Join this group and participate in the domestic art that is becoming increasingly popular. We have an inspiring time of learning and practicing.

    • Meets: Tuesdays, 9:00 a.m., Off-site
    • Facilitator: Pat Beaudry

  • 804 - Creative Crafters

    Creative Crafters meets three times per month to do needle work, scrap-booking, computer work, or whatever else your creative heart desires. With such a great block of time, we find it wonderful to get so much accomplished. Join us if you’d like to meet a bunch of nice people. You’ll be glad you did!

    • Meets: 1st & 3rd Thursdays, 5:00p.m. & the last Saturday of the month, 10:00a.m., Room 113
    • Facilitator: Sheri McGee

  • 806 - Movies with a Message

    All are invited to these monthly movies that will tug at your heart and make you think. The films are not all faith-based, but will still move you and make you think harder and deeper about being a good person. Get on our email list for all the updates. Popcorn is always served. We promise you will be glad you came.

    • Meets: 3rd Saturday of the month, 4:00p.m., Library
    • Facilitator: Gay Johnson

  • 808 - Thriving in a Life with Chronic Pain and Illness

    Members of this group meet to support each other as we live our lives with different types of pain and illness with the understanding that many forms of pain and illness are non-visible. Our primary text for this season will be How to Live Well with Chronic Pain and Illness by Toni Burnhard. You are encouraged to purchase it prior to the first class.

    • Meets: 1st & 3rd Saturdays of the Month at 10:00a.m., Room 113
    • Facilitator: Roxine Kellogg

  • 809 - United Methodist Women

    The United Methodist Women (UMW) work together to help charities and missions of the church. Funds come from thrift shop sales, rummage sales, the annual bazaar, and other events. We are an active group that shares devotions, specialized programs, the UMW Reading Program, and a monthly potluck luncheon. Our focus remains with helping women and children locally and throughout the world. UMW celebrates 150 years (nationally) within the United Methodist church in 2019.

    • Meets: 3rd Sundays of the month, 11:45a.m., Room 113
    • Facilitator: Gay Johnson

  • 810 - Weekly Game Group

    Let’s meet and share the fun of playing a game together each week! We gather believing that a simple welcome to all who would play is Godly too. We’ll start with a variation of Dominoes, and take it from there. Each week will feature an opportunity to visit and enjoy getting to know each other as we play!

    • Meets: Wednesdays at 1:45p.m., Library
    • Facilitator: Sharon Arttazia and Judy Lambert

Movement and Health Groups

  • 503 - Women Golfing with God

    Come witness the gifts that God has provided for us during springtime on the golf course. Celebrate being outdoors, enjoy fellowship together, make new friends and improve your golf skills. We play 9 holes of golf at Lynnwood Golf course. Some golfers play in the afternoon, some in early evening. All levels of golfers are welcome so dust off your clubs. We will practice the spiritual gifts of patience and humility together!

    • Meets: Opportunity to meet once or twice a week, according to your schedule..
    • Facilitator: Mary Bohmke

Social Justice & Advocacy

  • 901 - Advocates for Justice

    This group looks for ways the congregation can engage in actions that support our Christian beliefs of justice, compassion, love, respect for all people, and peace. Subcommittees focus on the environment, immigration, solidarity with Islam, and homelessness, with more subcommittees forming.

    • Meets: 2nd Saturday of the Month, 10:00a.m., Library
    • Contact: Keith Skore

  • 902 - Reconciling Team

    The Reconciling Team is a group of people who meet once per quarter to discuss LGBTQ+ issues within our church, community, and denomination. We also organize special events such as PRIDE day in June.

    • Meets: Meets once per quarter
    • Contact: Luke Van de Krol

  • 903 - Interfaith Advocates for Immigrants

    Interfaith Advocates for Immigrants (IAI) is a coalition of faith communities working in partnership to empower, defend, serve, and advocate for immigrants and immigration reform. We are working to provide alternative accompaniment for post detention asylees, as well as training and advocacy. If you would like to join this growing ministry.

    • Contact: Julia Eckberg

  • 904 - Palestine Justice Committee

    The Palestine Justice Committee brings interesting and informative speakers to EUMC. Input is invited from anyone in the congregation to help in the selection and coordination of future activities. No meeting attendance is required, just ideas and support. Watch the eNews, bulletin, and Guidelights for event announcements.

    • Meets: Meeets as needed for planning
    • Contacts: Don & Donna Kleweno, Hank Landau

  • 906 - Edmonds Chapter of Alliance for Gun Responsibility

    All interested ladies are invited to join this lively discussion group, which also includes supportive sharing. We began a study of Adam Hamilton’s Making Sense of the Bible: Rediscovering the Power of Scripture Today in September and will be meeting weekly.

    • Meets: 4th Thursday of each month, 7:00p.m., Library
    • Contacts: Carol Megenity

  • 907 - Friends of the Children’s Center

    The EUMC Children’s Center has been a mission of the church since 1980. It is a place where everyone is welcome - families of the congregation and local community. The staff celebrates the uniqueness of each child with unconditional love and support in a fully licensed program for preschool and before and after school through 6th grade. As advocates our goal is to support this philosophy by encouraging participation of the congregation and by helping to find funding for financially challenged families.

    • Contacts: Carol Megenity and Bill Ellis