Adult Spiritual Formation

The Adult Spiritual Formation Program at EUMC has three components:
1. Transform.  Transform classes are meant to provide a deeper exploration of our faith, Biblical understanding and spiritual practices.
2. Christ Care.  Christ Care groups represent our diverse community.  There are many opportunities in diverse ways to explore our faith journey in fellowship with our brothers and sisters.
3. Special Events and One-Time offerings. Throughout the year there are opportunities provided to explore and learn about emerging issues that affect our church and our lives more broadly.

Read the Winter 2020 Offerings Booklet

Transform Classes

  • Transform 100 - The Role of Jesus in Christian Spirituality

    In this Transform foundational course, participants discuss the centrality of Jesus in Christian spirituality. Using the texts, Meeting Jesus Again for the First Time by Marcus Borg and A New Kind of Christianity by Brian McLaren, discussion will focus on “Who is Jesus?” and “What does it mean to make a Christian faith commitment in our modern context?” The class serves as an effective reintroduction to Christian faith for longtime church members and a helpful next step for newcomers.

    • Meets: Mondays, 7-8p.m., Wesley Room
    • Facilitator: Chris Lapp

  • Transform 101 - New Member's Class

    This class offers an opportunity to explore your spiritual life, discuss spiritual practices, learn more about the church and what it means to become a member of EUMC. Materials are provided.

    • Meets: Sundays, 1-2p.m., Aldersgate
    • Facilitator: Rev. Jerry Poole & Ann Jacob

  • Transform 102 - Inductive Bible Study

    This class explores the life and example of Jesus, as revealed in the gospel accounts of Jesus' encounters with people of all sorts. We will use various resources, especially Jesus Through Middle Eastern Eyes by Kenneth Bailey (IVP). The teaching style will be primarily discussion-based. Participants are encouraged to purchase the book.

    • Meets: Tuesdays, 4-5p.m., Chapel (except March 3 in the Library)
    • Facilitator: Rev. Jerry Poole

  • Transform 103 - Language of God

    This class will be from February 3 to March 9. It includes time for evaluating material presented by Dr. Francis Collins regarding a faith in God that can be compatible with and in fact supported by modern science. Time will also be provided for sharing ideas and getting to know others in the class better. Dr. Collins is the director of the National Institutes of Health and is best known for his work on the human genome project which he led. He also happens to be a Christian who found faith in Jesus as an adult. We will use his book The Language of God and videos from the Religion and Science, Pathways to Truth material provided by the Wesley Ministries Network. Another resource is each other: The main goal of this class is building social and spiritual connections within our community at EUMC. Books provided without charge.

    • Meets: Mondays, 9:30-11am, Room 302
    • Facilitator: Roy Chapel and Shelly Ehni

  • Transform 200 - Christian Spiritual Life and Discipline I

    Utilizing the text by Richard Foster, participants will respond to the invitation to the Christian spiritual life through the study and practice of key spiritual disciplines that have been a part of Christianity for centuries. The course will focus on inward, outward, and corporate spiritual disciplines. The course is a survey of many practices that can be deepened in further level two coursework.

    • Meets: Thursdays, 5-6p.m., Chapel
    • Facilitator: Rev. Jerry Poole

  • Transform 201 - Centering Prayer Practice Group

    Join us for centering prayer, walking meditation, and Lectio Divina with writing reflection. We spend this time in silence to experience the presence of God within us and discuss our experience and the Lectio passage. If you are unsure of “how” to do it, we will provide instruction and written materials. This opportunity to practice will build and expand your experience of our Sunday evening Foundry Service.

    • Meets: Fridays, 12:30-2p.m., Library
    • Facilitator: Shared leadership Contact: Peggy Frazier

  • Transform 202 - Poetry and Faith

    This course is designed to look at issues of faith through the lens of poetry. We will mostly concentrate on modern poetry - written between 1850 and 2013. Inevitable, we will also look at poetry through the lens of faith, but a working assumption of the course is that a poem is for a reader, art first and faith second. You may want to challenge this assumption. “Faith” in this course generally means Christianity, and that will be the primary context for reading the poems. But we will also engage with poems from other faith traditions, as well as with poems that are wholly secular and even adamantly anti-religious. The reading in this course is intensive rather than extensive. You will need to read every poem many times. We will read a wide variety of poets, but usually only 1-3 poems from each of them. You will also be expected to read select critical pieces, almost all by poets. These are primarily to serve as examples of some of the ways that recent poets have thought about their art in relation to faith and culture.

    • Meets: Tuesdays, 5:30-6:30p.m., Library
    • Facilitator: Ann Jacob

  • Transform 300 - One Spirit, Many Spiritual Gifts

    What are your spiritual gifts and how are they unique? How has God gifted you, and what do these gifts mean in your life? How are you being led to use these gifts to fulfill your mission and purpose? In this course, each participant will complete a spiritual gifts inventory, work through a text to aid in understanding our gifts and examine how our enneagram “types” fit with our spiritual gifts. Through discussion and small group exercises, we will explore our gifts and listen to each other as we discern what these gifts mean in the context of our personal lives and our life in the community of faith.

    • Meets: Wednesdays, 4-5p.m., Library
    • Facilitator: Ann Jacob


  • 501 - Alzheimer Education

    • March 13: Healthy Living for the Brain and Body
    • March 20: Understanding Alzheimers and Other Dementias
    • Marcy 27: Know the Ten Warning Signs

    In collaboration with the Washington State Chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association, the Adult Spiritual Formation Advisory Committee will sponsor a three-session series of classes about Alzheimer’s. The classes are based on best practices and the latest research findings. Each session will be approximately two hours long with time built in for questions and discussion. The sessions will be held at EUMC on consecutive Friday’s at 10:30 a.m. If you have any questions, please contact Peggy Frazier.

    • Meets: Fridays in March, 10:30a.m., Sanctuary
    • Facilitator: Peggy Frazier

  • 502 - Climate Crisis 2020

    • Jan 19: Climate Crisis: Is the Church Helping or Hindering?
    • Jan 26: Are You Ready to Pay the Cost in Inconvenience for Climate Change?
    • Feb 2: Impacting Climate Change: What’s Going On in the World May Surprise You
    • Feb 9: It’s NOT Too Late; What You Can Do to Address Climate Change.

    There will also be a climate display from Jan 26 to Feb 23.

    • Meets: Sundays, January 19 – February 9, Four Sundays, 11:45a.m.-1:15p.m., Library
    • Facilitators: the Advocates for Justice - Environment Team: Dick Gibson, Hank Landau, Gayla Shoemake, Stan Gent, John Rodenberg, and Siouxan Christian.

  • 503 - Sacred Storytelling: Listening, Understanding, Sharing

    Stories give meaning, hope, purpose, and connection. Join us to better understand the structure and significance of stories and narratives to our identities and our society. We will practice listening, understanding, and sharing our own stories to lean into the full power of sacred storytelling. No experience necessary—only a willingness to play and learn!

    • Meets: Dates and Times will be announced through the Sunday bulletin
    • Facilitators: Courtney Wooten and Ann Jacob


  • 601 - Guided Meditation for Stress Management

    Stress Management with Meditation is set up to renew and refresh one’s body, mind, and spirit through sharing, deep relaxation, visualization, and meditation. The word meditation derives from maderi meaning to heal or remedy. Here is what attendees have said about this class:

    “…I feel so much freer and lighter afterwards...”
    “I do like the guided meditation as it keeps my mind from wandering and gets me to a relaxing, meditative state of being. I feel quiet and peaceful afterwards.”
    “This is the kind of blessing Christ Care groups are intended to provide.”
    We lean into the verse from Psalm 46:10, “Be still and know that I am God.”

    • Meets: Thursdays, 3-4p.m., Chapel
    • Facilitator: Jerry Hassenstab

Book Studies

  • 701 - Living the Questions

    Our group believes that Living the Questions means vigorous discussion of compelling books. Topics have included theology, economics, science, history, and politics. To deepen our understanding, we make field trips to hear speakers and watch documentaries as well. We hope you join us for our next book, 21 Lessons for the 21st Century by Yuval Harari.

    • Meets: Mondays, 7-8:30p.m., Chapel
    • Facilitator: Barbara McGuire

  • 702 - Men's Saturday Dawn Patrol

    We will continue our Bible/book study format with a great group of guys for lively discussions! We share our faith and discuss life’s issues over coffee and treats. Join us for a morning or longer.

    • Meets: Saturdays, 7:30-9a.m., Library
    • Facilitator: Shared leadership

  • 703 - Renovare Group

    The Renovare Group (renovare means renewal) is an ongoing group. We gather weekly and dig into our questions on faith and discipleship and renew our spirits. We’re reading The Fruit of the Spirit, The Path That Leads to Loving as Jesus Loved by Steve Langford. You are welcome wherever we are in our study. Each week we pray for each other, sharing concerns and joys. Please bring a sack lunch.

    • Meets: Mondays at 11:00 a.m., Library
    • Facilitator: Beth Lanie

  • 704 - Sisters!

    We are friends who volunteer and look out for one another. This winter we plan to read, Grateful: The Subversive Practice of Giving Thanks by Diana Butler Bass. We discuss spirituality, talk about current issues, collect new socks for folks in need, and items for the Edmonds Food Bank. The members of this group take turns leading the study sessions, offering devotions, and providing a simple treat like cookies or cupcakes. We support each other by sharing joys, concerns, and prayer requests. Newcomers are welcome.

    • Meets: Mondays, 1:30-3p.m., Room 302
    • Facilitator: Audrey Poole

  • 705 - The Joy of Adversity

    What is the difference between happiness and joy? How do we find joy in ALL situations and challenges? Through our faith. We will be reading: Count It All Faith by Dr. David Jeremiah. Each week, we will study one of the four chapters of the book of Philippians focusing on traveling our journey with infectious joy.

    • Meets: Beginning Feb 8, for four Saturdays, 3-4:30p.m., Off-site
    • Facilitator: John Rodenberg

  • 706 - Women's Bible Study

    This Women’s Bible study has been established at Edmonds UMC for decades! This year, we will welcome a variety of leaders and, as always, have wonderful discussions and in-depth sharing. We learn about the Bible and the variety of interpretations of sacred text.

    • Meets: Thursdays, 10-11:30a.m., Library
    • Facilitator: Jeannette Murphy

Breaking Bread Together

  • 801 - Potluck & Soul

    We will share a potluck meal and will discuss Life Without Lack, by Dallas Willard. On February 7, we will discuss chapters 1 & 2. Please join us for a great time of food, discussion, fellowship, and prayer! Group limited to first 13 people who sign up. A waitlist will be created and anyone who would like to host and/or facilitate can start a second group.

    • Meets: 1st & 3rd Fridays of February and March, 6:30-9p.m., Off-site
    • Facilitators: Deb & Tim Guirl, and Carol Megenityr

Community Building

  • 901 - Chronic Pain and Illness Support Group

    Members of this group meet to support each other as we live our lives with different types of pain and illness with the understanding that many forms of pain and illness are not visible. Different types of pain/illness are represented in our group. Our primary text for this season will be If You Have to Wear an Ugly Dress, Learn to Accessorize: Guidance, Inspiration, and Hope for Women with Lupus, Scleroderma, and Other Autoimmune Illnesses by Linda McNamara and Karen Kemper. You are encouraged to purchase it prior to the first class.

    • Meets: 1st & 3rd Saturdays of the Month at 12-2p.m., Room 113
    • Facilitator: Roxine Kellogg

  • 902 - Creative Crafters

    Creative Crafters meets three times per month to do needlework, scrap-booking, computer work, or whatever else your creative heart desires. With such a great block of time, we find it wonderful to get so much accomplished. Join us if you’d like to meet a bunch of nice people. You’ll be glad you did!

    • Drop-in: 1st & 3rd Thursdays, 5-9p.m. & the last Saturday of the month, 10a.m.-7p.m., Room 113
    • Facilitators: Peggy Cousins and Carreen Rubenkonig

  • 903 - Knit2Gether

    Enjoy a great time to work on your projects with a community of knitters and a facilitator who is available to teach basic knitting techniques. Members are responsible for bringing their own needles and yarn. The recipient of our projects will be Mary’s Place, a homeless shelter for women and children. Prayer Shawl Knitters are invited to join us at these gatherings.

    • Meets: Sundays, 3-5p.m., Room 113
    • Facilitators: Laurie Napa and Gayle Crawford

  • 904 - Monday Men's Group

    The Monday Afternoon Men’s ChristCare Group is a diverse, ongoing group, and we welcome new members. We started a new book study on January 6, and welcome anyone who wishes to join during the study. We will be discussing The Democratization of American Christianity by Nathan Hatch. This book offers a provocative reassessment of religion and culture in the early days of the American republic, arguing that during this period American Christianity was democratized and common people became powerful actors on the religious scene. The book examines the development of five distinct traditions or mass movements that emerged early in the nineteenth century, including American Methodism.

    • Meets: Mondays at 4-5:30p.m., Room 302
    • Facilitator: Bob Schroff

  • 905 - Movies with a Message

    All are invited to monthly movies that will tug at your heart. The films are not all faith-based but will make you think deeper. Popcorn is always served. Come and watch these meaningful movies with us!

    • Meets: 3rd Saturday of the month, 4p.m., Library
    • Facilitator: Gay Johnson

  • 906 - Quilting Group

    Do you quilt? Would you like to learn? Join this group and participate in the domestic art that is becoming increasingly popular. We have an inspiring time of learning and practicing.

    • Meets: Tuesdays, 9-11a.m., Off-site
    • Facilitator: Pat Beaudry

  • 907 - United Methodist Women

    The United Methodist Women (UMW) work together to help charities, host events, and support women and children in need, all the while having fun. We host a potluck each month to learn about world issues and meet with other church UMW groups twice a year. Our motto is “Come When You Can!” We support the community through our Thrift Shop and fundraisers with proceeds benefiting charities and church-events. Our focus remains to help women and children, locally and internationally. UMW celebrated 150 years in 2019.

    • Meets: 3rd Sundays of the month, 11:45a.m., Room 113
    • Facilitator: Gay Johnson

  • 908 - Weekly Game Group

    Let’s meet and share the fun of playing a game together each week! Open to all people regardless of age, gender, or partnered status. We gather believing that a simple welcome to all who would play is Godly too. We’ll start with a variation of Dominoes and take it from there. Each week will feature an opportunity to visit and enjoy getting to know each other as we play!

    • Meets: Wednesdays, 1:45-3:45p.m., Library
    • Facilitators: Sharon Arttazia and Judy Lambert

  • 909 - Young Adult Group

    Join us if you are in your 20s or 30s and are spiritually curious, interested in building beloved community, or open to listening to the genuine within.

    • Meets: Thursdays, 6-8p.m., ChurchKey Pub
    • Facilitators: Ann Jacob and Jessica Pair

Social Justice & Advocacy

  • 1001 - EUMC Advocates for Justice

    This group looks for ways the congregation can engage in actions that support our Christian beliefs of justice, compassion, love, respect for all people, and peace. Under Advocates for Justice there are robust subcommittees that focus on climate change, immigrants in detention, solidarity with Palestinians, hunger, and gun responsibility with opportunities to develop additional subcommittees to address other concerns. If you long to expand your knowledge and put your faith into action, please consider joining us at our monthly meetings.

    • Meets: 2nd Saturday of the Month, 10a.m.-12p.m., Library
    • Contact: Keith Skore

  • 1002 - Edmonds Chapter of Alliance for Gun Responsibility

    Gun violence in our country continues to escalate resulting in tragedies for too many families. While Washington State is making progress creating new legislation to help make our communities and schools safer, much work remains. This effort is being accomplished by citizens, like you and I, who want to see change and would like to help it happen. Please join us as we focus on local efforts to inform and educate in our community, and also support state legislation to improve gun safety.

    • Meets: 4th Monday of each month, 6:30p.m., Room 302
    • Contact: Gayle Davis

  • 1003 - Friends of the Children’s Center

    By investing time, materials, and money in children at a young age their success rate is increased by 100%. An enriching preschool program, like the Children’s Center, establishes a positive foundation for learning as well as becoming a productive member of the community. Friends of the Children’s Center supports the director and the staff by finding volunteers to assist in the center, locating scholarship funds, and implementing special projects. Please join our small but mighty group in supporting this very important mission of the church. We meet randomly for special projects and fundraising.

    • Contact: Carol Megenity

  • 1004 - Interfaith Climate Action

    Interfaith Climate Action (ICA) is made up by people of different faiths working together for the common goal of protecting the planet for future generations. Through outreach events, this group seeks to educate our community on issues such as carbon reduction and pursues action on issues concerning our environment.

    • Contact: Gayla Shoemake

  • 1005 - Justice Advocates for Immigrants

    Justice Advocates for Immigrants (JAI) is a ministry that seeks to advocate for change in immigration policy, provide accompaniment to immigrants in our community, and sponsorship to asylum seekers. Upcoming opportunities include immersion trips to the border and deeper engagement with host activities for asylum seekers as well as expanded advocacy. Learn how you can make a difference or change what is happening along the border by joining our group. Bring us your new ideas and energy!

    • Meets: Monthly, watch the Sunday bulletin
    • Contact: Julia Eckberg

  • 1006 - Palestine Justice Committee

    The Palestine Justice Committee is part of the Palestine/Israel Group of Edmonds/Lynnwood (PIN) which is composed of representatives from several area churches. PIN brings interesting and informative speakers to EUMC. Input is invited from anyone in the congregation to help in the selection and coordination of future activities. New members of the coordinating committee are always welcome. No meeting attendance is required, just ideas and support. Watch the eNews, Sunday bulletin, and Guidelights for event announcements.

    • Meets: 2nd Monday of each month, 12p.m., Off-site
    • Contacts: Cheryl Hay, Rev. Dick Gibson, Hank Landau

  • 1007 - Reconciling Team

    The Reconciling Team is a group of people who meet once per quarter to discuss LGBTQIA+ issues within our church, community, and denomination. We also organize special events such as PRIDE day in June.

    • Meets: Once per quarter
    • Contact: Luke Van de Krol