In Worship this Sunday

In Worship this Sunday

This Sunday, August 25, Pastor Jerry will preach on the character of Jesus and healing. Join us for worship at 9:00 or 10:30 a.m.

Sermon Audio 2019

Filename Date
A music file Get_Right_With_God_and_One_Another 2019-08-19
A music file Foundry_-_The_Examen_Prayer 2019-08-12
A music file Richness_in_Gods_Kin-Dom--Ann_Jacob 2019-08-05
A music file Audacious_Prayer--Ann_Jacob 2019-07-29
A music file When_Jesus_Disappoints_Us 2019-07-22
A music file The_Call_to_Risky_Neighborliness--Rev_Jerry_Poole 2019-07-15
A music file Extravagant_Love--Rev_Stan_Fowler 2019-07-07
A music file Get_Busy_Living_Or_Get_Busy_Dying--Rev_Dr_William_Gibson 2019-07-01
A music file Andiamo 2019-06-24
A music file You_Never_Journey_Alone--Greg_McLaughlin 2019-06-17
A music file Life_in_the_Spirit 2019-06-10
A music file That_We_May_Be_One--Chris_Lapp 2019-06-03
A music file War_and_Peace 2019-05-28
A music file Ask_the_Pastor_1030am 2019-05-20
A music file Ask_the_Pastor_9am 2019-05-20
A music file Youth_Sunday 2019-05-13
A music file Equipping_Gods_Followers_to_Combat_Climate_Change 2019-05-06
A music file From_Stranger_to_Friend_with_Ukrainian_Translation 2019-04-29
A music file From_Stranger_to_Friend 2019-04-29
A music file Miracles_of_Jesus--The_Great_Miracle 2019-04-22
A music file Miracles_of_Jesus--Raising_the_Dead 2019-04-15
A music file Miracles_of_Jesus--Feeding_the_Hungry 2019-04-08
A music file Miracles_of_Jesus--Forgiving_the_Broken 2019-04-01
A music file Miracles_of_Jesus--Calming_the_Sea 2019-03-25
A music file Miracles_of_Jesus--Demons_are_Cast_Out 2019-03-18
A music file Miracles_of_Jesus--The_Blind_See 2019-03-11
A music file Voices_of_Our_Loved_Ones 2019-03-04
A music file Conversations_with_an_Atheist--Are_Christians_Afraid_of_Change 2019-02-25
A music file Conversations_with_an_Atheist--Is_the_Bible_Fallible 2019-02-18
A music file Conversations_with_an_Atheist--Does_Religion_Reject_Science 2019-02-13
A music file Conversations_with_an_Atheist--Why_Do_Bad_Things_Happen 2019-02-06
A music file Conversations_with_an_Atheist--Are_Christians_Hypocrites 2019-01-28
A music file Conversations_with_an_Atheist--Is_the_Bible_Violent 2019-01-22
A music file Conversations-with-an-Atheist--Does-God-Exist 2019-01-14
A music file Arise-Shine 2019-01-07

Worship Bulletins 2019

Filename Date
An Adobe Acrobat file When_Jesus_Laid_His_Hands_on_Her 2019-08-22
An Adobe Acrobat file Get_Right_With_God_and_One_Another 2019-08-15
An Adobe Acrobat file Foundry 2019-08-08
An Adobe Acrobat file Richness_In_Gods_Kin-Dom 2019-08-01
An Adobe Acrobat file Audacious_Prayer 2019-07-25
An Adobe Acrobat file When_Jesus_Disappoints_Us 2019-07-18
An Adobe Acrobat file The_Call_to_Risky_Neighborliness 2019-07-09
An Adobe Acrobat file Extravagant_Love 2019-07-03
An Adobe Acrobat file Get_Busy_Living_Or_Get_Busy_Dying--Rev_Dr_William_Gibson 2019-06-27
An Adobe Acrobat file Andiamo 2019-06-20
An Adobe Acrobat file You_Never_Journey_Alone 2019-06-13
An Adobe Acrobat file Life_in_the_Spirit 2019-06-06
An Adobe Acrobat file That_We_May_Be_One--Chris_Lapp 2019-05-31
An Adobe Acrobat file War_and_Peace 2019-05-24
An Adobe Acrobat file Ask_the_Pastor 2019-05-17
An Adobe Acrobat file Youth_Sunday 2019-05-10
An Adobe Acrobat file Equipping_Gods_Followers_to_Combat_Climate_Change 2019-05-03
An Adobe Acrobat file From_Stranger_to_Friend 2019-04-26
An Adobe Acrobat file Miracles_of_Jesus--The_Great_Miracle 2019-04-19
An Adobe Acrobat file Miracles_of_Jesus--Raising_the_Dead 2019-04-12
An Adobe Acrobat file Miracles_of_Jesus--Feeding_the_Hungry 2019-04-05
An Adobe Acrobat file Miracles_of_Jesus--Forgiving_the_Broken 2019-03-29
An Adobe Acrobat file Miracles_of_Jesus--Calming_the_Sea 2019-03-22
An Adobe Acrobat file Miracles_of_Jesus--Demons_are_Cast_Out 2019-03-14
An Adobe Acrobat file Miracles_of_Jesus--The_Blind_See 2019-03-08
An Adobe Acrobat file Voices_of_Our_Loved_Ones 2019-03-01
An Adobe Acrobat file Conversations_with_an_Atheist--Are_Christians_Afraid_of_Change 2019-02-22
An Adobe Acrobat file Conversations_with_an_Atheist--Is_the_Bible_Fallible 2019-02-15
An Adobe Acrobat file Conversations_with_an_Atheist--Does_Religion_Reject_Science 2019-02-08
An Adobe Acrobat file Conversations_with_an_Atheist--Why_Do_Bad_Things_Happen 2019-02-01
An Adobe Acrobat file Conversations_with_an_Atheist--Are_Christians_Hypocrites 2019-01-25
An Adobe Acrobat file Conversations_with_an_Atheist--Is_the_Bible_Violent 2019-01-18
An Adobe Acrobat file Conversations-with-an-Atheist--Does-God-Exist 2019-01-11
An Adobe Acrobat file Arise-Shine 2019-01-04

Sunday Evening Worship Recordings

Filename Date
A music file 3-10-19_Lenten_Prayer_Service 2019-03-11