Website Tips

Accessing Wifi at the Church

Our website tips are taking a detour to explain how to access the church wifi.

  1. Devices differ in how to access a Network Connection that are available to you. Typically, go to your device Settings (mobile device) or Click/Tap the Internet connection icon found on your device taskbar.  A list of available WiFi Networks will show.  (Note: Examples are noted at the end of the instructions)
  2. Click or tap EUMC Guest from the list of available WiFi Networks.
  3. Type the EUMC Guest WiFi Password exactly as noted:  mannafromheaven
  4. Open a web browser (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc.)
  5. A welcome page contains a usage policy for security, please read through it and select the button, “Continue to the Internet” at the bottom. Once clicked, the EUMC Guest wifi will be enabled and you’ll be able to access the internet.
  6. Examples, below, provide steps to locate Internet Network connections using an Android Cell Phone, iPhone, and Kindle.  
      Android Cell Phone:
    1. Go to Settings, then WiFi
    2. Turn on WiFi
    3. Available WiFi Networks will automatically populate
    4. Tap EUMC Guest
    5. Enter the WiFi password (see #3)

    1. Go to your Android Settings, turn on WiFi, then click WiFi. (This may vary depending on Android version and cell phone model).
    2. A list of WiFi Network Connections will show.
    3. Click EUMC Guest
    4. Enter the WiFi password (see #3)

    1. Go to quick settings
    2. Tap Wireless
    3. Be sure WiFi is on
    4. Tap EUMC Guest
    5. Enter the WiFi password (see #3)