Greg McLaughlin

Greg McLaughlinGreg McLaughlin has been a Methodist since 1987, completing confirmation as First United Methodist Church in Maryville, MO (His hometown). He was active in United Methodist Youth Fellowship, being the president of his youth group and then co-chairing the Missouri West Conference Council on Youth Ministries while in High School. Greg has been with Edmonds UMC since 2014, serving as the youth director during that time. He is also a certified candidate for ordained ministry in the United Methodist Church, and he currently plans to pursue ordination as a licensed local pastor in the coming years. Greg holds Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in biology, environmental science, environmental management, and social ecology from Colorado College and Yale University, and also works a full time job for Washington Water Trust, recovering endangered salmon populations in eastern Washington. Greg and his wife, Jennifer, are married with 4 sons, and enjoy going on adventures throughout the Pacific Northwest

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