Casey Davis

Casey DavisCasey Davis came to Western Washington almost 20 years ago with a Macaw, a dog, a 2-month-old daughter, and her husband Steve. She has a broad background across many business disciplines and degrees from two of the oldest universities in the US, The College of William and Mary and Johns Hopkins University. She has worked in 6 states and has visited 42 states so far! Married for 25 years, Casey and her husband Steve have two children. Casey loves reading, photography, Sudoku, and riding her tandem bike with her husband. In addition to work and family, Casey is a volunteer for the American Cancer Society and serves on the Snohomish Chapter’s Leadership Advisory Board.

What drew Casey to the Executive Director position at Edmonds Food Bank was her life-long commitment to volunteer work and the fact that food insecurity has a huge impact on individuals, especially those raising children. What sold the new director on the position was the community of amazing volunteers. Having previously held positions within the Edmonds community, Casey is invigorated by the energy and community focus this city offers and is committed to serving the volunteers and clients of the food bank. Casey is excited to have found a new home with the Food Bank and Edmonds United Methodist Church.