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A Letter from Heather Peterson-Bruo

Dear Children’s Center Families, Staff, and Congregants of Edmonds UMC,

This has marked my 18th year of working at The Children’s Center! 

The Children’s Center community has been my family all these years, and enabled me to raise my son in a wonderfully supportive and loving environment while being able to provide the same love and support to other parents while they raise their own children.  Being the Director of the Debbie Leraas Children’s Center has been the most rewarding experience of my career but God has been preparing my heart for a new path.

So it is with most heartfelt gratitude I announce that I will be stepping down from my position as the Director to pursue new opportunities for building stronger futures for children, families and teachers in the Early Childhood profession. It is with both fear and faith that I take this leap!

I know that change can be difficult! But it is always ...yes always ... a chance for growth and improvement. The Children’s Center has been through many changes over the years, and each change has positively contributed to the program becoming better, stronger, and a more fruitful ministry.

During my time here a more vibrant and loving community has continued to emerge.  Together, we have laid a solid foundation that will be built upon to serve children and families for years to come. I am incredibly proud of what we have accomplished and because of our work and who you all are, I am confident that the Children’s Center will continue to thrive with new leadership... I am excited for what the future holds and hope you will be too!

My last day will be January 4th and I hope to see and thank each of you personally before then!

I have so many happy memories that I will carry with me always. My heart is full of thanks to you for sharing your lives and your most precious children with me over these many years. It has been my privilege and joy.

May God bless your family with health and happiness! Much, much love,


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