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Bread for the World - Sunday, November 18

On Sunday, Nov. 18, our Hunger Committee is asking worshippers to sign a letter to Congress supporting BREAD FOR THE WORLD’s program to end hunger here and abroad.

BREAD FOR THE WORLD is a collective Christian voice that urges Congress to take action against hunger and poverty. BREAD FOR THE WORLD equips and inspires some 6000 churches from all Christian traditions to communicate with their members of Congress in support of bipartisan legislation that benefits hungry and poor people around the world.

After worship, on Nov 18, we invite you to come to a table in the narthex and sign your name and address to letters that have already been prepared. As the House and Senate conference committee irons out differences to write a final Farm Bill, your letters urge them to support and pass a strong, bipartisan, bill that protects and maintains full access to the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) for the 1 in 6 U.S. families who struggle with hunger. Your letter asks them to oppose additional, strict, work requirements which would cause more than two million people to lose their SNAP benefits or see them reduced. Your letter also asks for a Farm Bill which will improve international food aid programs.

The Bread for the World Credo tells us:

“When we turn our faith into action, God uses our voices. Again and again, we win help and opportunity. Two fish become many. Five loaves become enough to feed a multitude.”

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