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Organ Project Meets Major Milestone

If you were in church on Sunday you may have heard some new sounds coming from our wonderful Visser-Rowland pipe organ.

The reason for these new sounds is completion of the Pedal Division of the organ, which involved installation of pipes moved from Florida a few years ago that had been, until last week, stored in the Bell Choir Room.

Here's what happened. First, large, wooden "Principal 16' " rank pipes were moved from storage in the organ loft down to the Sanctuary main floor and placed on either side of the organ case. Wind was supplied to them so they could speak. Second, the main Pedal windchest was moved from the Bell Choir Room up to the organ loft and connected to wind, electricity and tracker wires. Third, the remaining Pedal pipes were brought upstairs. These included Principal 16' pipes as well as pipes for the Trumpet 8', Gedackt 8' and Schalmei 4'. Fourth, these pipes were installed on the windchest then were tuned and adjusted so they would blend with the pipes previously installed.

Besides the new sounds, what does this mean? It means that our organ project is now officially 3/4 complete! As you may know, our organ is made up of four big "divisions" of pipes -- one division for each of three keyboards and one division for the pedal board. Once last week's work was completed, we have two fully functioning keyboard divisions and a fully function Pedal Division. In other words, when you look at the organ console everything but the top keyboard is now fully functional!

So guess what the next project is. You're right -- installing the final keyboard division of pipes. This is called the "Swell Division" because the pipes in this division will be placed inside a enclosed box and the volume can be "swelled" up and down through acoustical louvers on one side of the box that can be opened and closed by the organist's feet. 

With the organ builders here last week, the Organ Committee had the opportunity to discuss final plans with them for what would be included in the Swell Division. This will involve purchase and installation of completely new pipes, since the remaining pipes we moved from Florida are not suitable for a room the size of our sanctuary. The "colors" of the pipe ranks were agreed to by the committee, our organist, and the organ builder, and it was agreed that the unsuitable pipes remaining in our basement will be sold. Money has been donated and set aside for the project and, assuming the final bid is similar to the original estimate, we can look forward to the Swell Division being installed sometime around September of this year. At that point the organ will be complete and will be even more suitable to accompany worship. Plus, it will make our sanctuary an excellent venue for organ concerts and other events that feature a very fine pipe organ.

Edmonds United Methodist Church
Visser-Rowland 1998 (Richard Bond Organs addition)
42 Ranks, 35 Stops, Mechanical Action, Electronic Combination Action 

Hauptwerk (Great-- middle keyboard)
  • Prinzipal 8'
  • Rorh Gedeckt 8'
  • Oktav 4'
  • Nachtorn 4'
  • Oktav 2'
  • Sequiltera II
  • Mixtur IV
  • Trompet 8'
Positiv (Choir -- bottom keyboard)
  • Quintaton 16'
  • Gemshorn 8'
  • Celeste 8'
  • Oktav 4'
  • Blockflote 4'
  • Waldflote 2'
  • Larigot 1 1/3'
  • Scharf IV
  • Krummhorn 8'
Brustwerk (Swell - top keyboard) (to be installed)
  • Viola Pomposa 8'
  • Viola Celeste (TC)
  • Chimney Flute 8'
  • Harmonic Flute 4'
  • Violina 4'
  • Nazard 2 2/3'
  • Oktav 2'
  • Bassoon 16'
  • Oboe 8'
  • Clarion 4'


  • Prinzipal 16' (installed January 2017)
  • Subbass 16' 
  • Oktav 8'
  • Gedeckt 8' (installed January 2017)
  • Choral Bass 4'
  • Posaune 16'
  • Trompet 8' (installed January 2017)
  • Schalmei 4' (installed January 2017)


Questions? Please feel free to contact Organ Committee Chair, Shelly Ehni, or Hyun-Ja Choi, organist, or David Hendrix, Director of Music.

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