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Pied Pipes Dessert – July 30, 7:00p.m., Wesley Room

You are all invited to join the EUMC Organ Task Force for a dessert of home-baked pie, followed by organ music provided by EUMC organist Hyun-Ja Choi and EUMC’s

aspiring amateur organist, Pastor Sandy Brown! This will be a celebratory “Thank You” to the congregation for its support in transporting/installing the beautiful pipe organ in our sanctuary; additionally, we hope this evening will mark the finish of the fundraising for the Swell Division, which will finally complete our organ!

Why a new division? Currently, our organ is ¾ finished, with the pedal (foot) division and 2 of the 3 keyboards connected to working pipes. The top keyboard currently sits forlornly with no vital purpose in life since it is not connected to any pipes. The new Swell Division will not only allow the organ to more effectively accompany singers with a greater range of sounds, but it will also open up much more of the organ literature to organists at EUMC.

Why more fundraising? Our Finance and Trustees committees have recommended, and the Church Council recently approved, a motion to fund $ 143,103 of Bond Organ Builders’ $193,858 bid to complete the organ using a combination of various church endowments, funds, and memorial gifts. This allows us to purchase the new pipes and Bond Organ builders to build the Swell Division in their Portland facility. The remaining $50,755 is to be raised by fundraising coordinated by the Organ Task Force, and will fund the delivery and installation of the Swell Division. The great news is that, even before much publicity about our need, $25,000 has already been pledged toward that $50,755, leaving just $25,755 to raise! And if we exceed this goal, the additional money will go back to re-fund the endowments and funds from which we are drawing.

So, put the Pied Pipes evening on your calendar. We’ll provide the pies, admission is free, you’ll learn about the organ through a brief video, and you can even bring the kids! Our child-loving organist, Hyun-Ja, has a couple of pieces planned just for them! We’ll have pledge cards available for those who wish to contribute, but all are welcome to join us in this fun evening. The only requirement – please RSVP to the church office so we know how many pies we’ll need.

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