Edmonds UMC News

Kathlyn James Endowment Fund

Applications for the Kathlyn James Endowment Fund will be accepted from members of EUMC. Completed applications will provide the committee with substantive information; such as,

  • the person/s who will provide direct leadership for the ministry,
  • describe how the ministry fits with the EUMC focus on helping families and children in poverty,
  • outline the financial expenses of the proposed ministry,
  • and highlight how needs for human resources will be met.

View and Download the Kathlyn James Endowment Fund Application

NOTE: Priority is given to applications that provide opportunities for hands-on involvement of members of the EUMC church community. If you have any questions, please contact any committee member: Ron Heitritter, Judy Lambert, Lillian Sherman, Kurt Schauermann, or Carol Townsend. The Kathlyn James Endowment Committee looks forward to partnering together with you to share God’s love through serving others.