Advocates for Justice

The Advocacy and Public Witness Team works to encourage and support individual members of EUMC and the congregation as a whole to engage in advocacy and public witness regarding public policy issues in order to move towards a greater measure of justice and peace in the human community. We arrange and encourage participation in educational programs within the congregation to study the issues and to consider how our faith informs our actions as citizens in the public square. We believe that such education needs to lead to advocacy and to participation with others in efforts to bring about change. 

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Public Witness & Advocacy Events

April 29 - People's Climate Mobilization

May 1 - March for Workers and Immigrant Rights

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Earth Justice Worship at Edmonds UMC

On Sunday, May 21, 2017, we will celebrate Earth Justice with special speaker, Jewell Praying Wolf James, from the Lummi Nation. Mr. James will share the reverence his people have toward the earth in his sermon with a Q & A session after second service. Mr. James is a descendant from the sister of Chief Seattle and has a degree in Political Science and Psychology from the University of Washington. He is a former Director of Fisheries for the Lummi Nation and served on the Governing Council for 9 years.

He has worked throughout the United States, South and Central America, and Australia on indigenous rights and protecting sacred lands. Mr. James has fought to preserve ancient cedar forests in the Pacific Northwest, and to add to wilderness areas. This work inspired him to carve three healing totems of western red cedar that honor victims of 9/11. He has been the subject of four documentaries in a life dedicated to preserving and protecting the sacred relations of Creation. Jewell James believes our world is in crisis as our climate is changing, yet he has faith that together we can build a new way.

Advocates for Justice - Environment Committee is proud to welcome Jewell Praying Wolf James for Earth Justice Sunday.

Book Study: This Changes Everything

Sundays, 12:00 - 1:30p.m., in the Edmonds UMC Chapel

This book study focuses on the climate crisis in this powerful and timely book by Naomi Klein, one of the most admired voices on environmental care. Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. says this about Klein’s book: “Naomi Klein is a genius. She has done for politics what Jared Diamond did for the study of human history. She skillfully blends politics, economics and history and distills out simple and powerful truths with universal applicability.”