Youth Intern

15 hours/week

Edmonds United Methodist Church (EUMC) seeks a motivated, experienced, and enthusiastic intern to work with our Youth Director and Director of Family Ministries to support our youth program. If desired, the intern may be able to integrate their experience with our church into course work, a senior thesis, or other graduation requirements. This intern would aid EUMC staff in supporting various aspects of the youth program, including mentoring youth leaders, integrating youth into Sunday worship, and leading youth teams working in mission projects, welcoming and hospitality, music ministry, worship and fellowship, and games and outings. Working with EUMC staff for youth program support will provide important exposure to and understanding of key elements of spiritual formation and personal development of young adults. EUMC staff will provide training, as needed, but we are also seeking an intern with experience leading worship in a youth, family, or camp setting, and who is highly motivated to help mentor and be a positive role model to young people. We currently have over 50 7th-12th graders on the youth roster, with average weekly participation of 15-20 youth.

Related Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Lead small groups during Sunday night youth group to encourage reflection, contemplative faith formation, and discussion of issues relevant to young people’s lives.
  • Provide mentoring, support, and guidance for leadership development by advising youth leaders on ministry teams.
  • Provide initiative, experience, and background in interactive programming and fun group-building activities.
  • Occasionally attend retreats, lock-ins or other outings as a chaperone and worship leader.
  • Become familiar with the vision and goals of the Edmonds UMC Youth Program and the church. mission as a whole, including spiritual formation objectives, safe church policies, and the strategic plan.
  • Work closely with the Youth Director and Director of Family Ministries to provide our youth with leadership, nurture and support to help them grow in Christian love for one another and the larger world around them.

How to Apply: Please submit a letter of interest and resume to:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Edmonds UMC Youth Internship Selection Committee
c/o Jennifer McLaughlin, Director of Family Ministries
828 Caspers Street
Edmonds, WA 98020